Hotel MKM Rich's Privacy policy

This policy document covers the following areas relating to privacy of information provided by you:

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Personal information collected by MKM from its guests

There are a number of situations in which your personal information may be gathered by MKM to serve you better. At various touch points with our guests, we may collect the following personal information including, but not limited to: your name and contact information; date of birth; how you prefer to be addressed in communication from MKM, preferred modes of communication; your job designation and business address; spouse name, anniversary, credit card details, including the three-digit code that appears on the back of your credit card; member number of our loyalty programmes, membership numbers of frequent flyer or travel partner programmes you are enrolled into, your dates of arrival and departure from our hotels/restaurants/other outlets, your preferences when you stay or dine at MKM, your transaction history at MKM; offers you have availed of from third party marketers in response to communication from MKM. We may also record details on guests who have stayed or dined with you at MKM, including their names and contact details.

Besides the above, we may also collect the following:

When you will out a form (online or hard copy), stating your preferences when you stay or dine at MKM. Such information may include details relating to health matters. User name and password selected by you when you register at our website or become a member of our loyalty programmes at our website. When you enroll in our loyalty programmes online we collect your personal information and record your membership number and password. If you choose to reserve a room online we record your arrival and departure dates, number of guests in the group, details of guest rooms and tariff details. When you make a request for a proposal from our meeting planners, by visiting our websites. When you contact us with your questions or comments. From time to time, our website may offer a feature that allows you to send an electronic postcard or otherwise share a message with a friend. To fulfill you request, MKM may require personal information about the person to whom you are sending an electronic postcard or message, including name and email address, along with the text of any message you choose to include. Using this feature is tantamount to entitling us to store and use the recipient's name and email address. We do not knowingly collect personal information from individuals under 18 years of age. As a parent or legal guardian, please do not to allow your children to submit personal information without your permission. We do not knowingly collect information related to your racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or other beliefs, health, criminal background or political affiliations, unless it is volunteered by you. We may use any health-related information provided by you only to serve you better and meet your specific needs when you stay or dine with MKM.

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