Bali Foot Refexology

Bali Foot Refexology ( 45 Minutes )

The reflexology massage uses ancient healing and pressure point techniques on the reflex points on the feet. The reflexology massage relaxes tension, removes congestion in the body and helps to activate the healing power of the body.

45 Minutes : Rs 1750.00


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Montage Bali Spa

Montage BaliSpa, Balinese Cultures are very unique culutures with multifarious of activities and ceremonies. Balinese massage is part of the traditional culture and the spas on the island use the freshest ingredients from the jungles and gardens. There are hundreds of places to choose from, ranging from simple massage huts in Kuta to lavish spas such as the award-winning spa at the Four Seasons Hotel outside Ubud. Montage Bali gives Relax and Sprit to mind and body.